Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Chiropractic Auto Injury Clinic, PC ProvidesChiropractic Care For Auto Accident And WorkInjuries

Portland Chiropractor Helps Patients Recover From Auto Accidents and Work Injuries

Portland, OR-April 10, 2019-Dr. Zchon Jones of the Chiropractic Auto Injury Clinic, PC in Portland,Oregon announces his practice will place heavy emphasis on assisting patients that have suffered work injuries or have been injured in an automobile accident. For over 25 years, this chiropractor has successfully served patients that have suffered accident related injuries such as whiplash and back pain using the latest and most effective techniques in the industry at the Chiropractic Injury Auto Injury Clinic PC, serving customers in Oregon and Washington state. Heralding the mantra"Our mission is good health," Chiropractic Auto Injury Clinic offers its patients access to the most up-to-date technologies like CT scan and MRI imaging. The chiropractor works collaboratively with neurologists, orthopedic practitioners and surgeons.

Using a variety of medical care options, Dr. Jones works closely with patients that have suffered auto accident injuries and designs a personalized plan of care that will address common complaints such as neck stiffness or back pain. Techniques such as chiropractic adjustments, healing message therapy,physiotherapy modalities and pain management help patients to recover from their injuries. Dr. Jones will conduct a thorough physical examination and will focus on providing a work or auto accident injury plan with a holistic approach versus one that will mask pain with prescription drugs.

Located at 10555 SE Washington Street in Portland, Oregon, Chiropractic Auto Injury Clinic, PC provides holistic care and accepts all work and auto insurance coverage and will collaborate with attorney's and the PIP carrier to ensure full care is provided while waiting for all payments. To learn more, call 503-284-7838 to set an appointment or visit their website, at http://www.ChiropracticAutoInjury.cotoday.  

Contact Information:
Dr. Zchon Jones, DC
Chiropractic Auto Injury Clinic, P. C.
10555 SE Washington Street
Portland, Oregon 97216
(503) 284-7838